After New York man losing his mother, He donates her wheelchair to help a neighbor in need

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Queens, N.Y. — Neighbors in New York met up out of appreciation for an adored mother to help a local community member who required a wheelchair.

The great deed happened through a Facebook group for individuals in the Forest Hills, Rego Park, and Kew Gardens neighborhoods in Queens, New York.

Group member and Queens resident Jeffrey Witt sent a message to his neighbors following his misfortune.

Jeffrey’s mom, Estelle Witt, had as of late died from congestive cardiovascular failure. Depicted by her child as the informal “Mayor of Kew Gardens”, she additionally battled breast cancer, uterine cancer, and skin cancer throughout her life, living 20 years after receiving a “poor” health prognosis.

Estelle left behind some medical equipment in good shape, including a wheelchair, a lighter transport chair and some walkers. Following her death, Jeffrey hoped the equipment could help others, especially given the difficult times many New Yorkers are facing during the coronavirus pandemic.  

So he turned to his community Facebook group to see if anyone else could benefit from the equipment. 

His post turned out to be good timing for New York criminal defense attorney Guy Oksenhendler. One of his clients, who was being released on bail on compassionate grounds due to the coronavirus, needed a wheelchair. 

The two men connected and safely exchanged the wheelchair near Estelle’s former apartment.

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