Maranatha Goes Bowling

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Since things have opened up we haven’t slowed down at Maranatha Human Services. Before the end of the month, the staff and crew of 159th street, 169th street, and 79th street met for a fun day of bowling.

Along with helping those with intellectual and developmental disabilities work on their motor skills, these types of activities are an easy way for individuals to get out into the community and see their friends from other houses.

Each house had a winner. Joseph Santiago was the winner of 159th street, while Melvin Castle won for 169th street.  And of course, let’s not forget Sealy Reynold who won for our Day Hab’s WOW Program.

Activities like these are common at Maranatha Human Services. Individuals enjoy going to the movies, OCP socials on Fridays, and other type of outings that give them something to look forward to. Just like everyone else, they need healthy ways to relax, burn off energy and engage with their peers.

If you want to learn more about the type of adventures Maranatha individuals enjoy, leave a comment below.

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