At The Car Wash- Maranatha Style

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Did you have a chance to swing by the Maranatha car rush? If not, you missed out!

The residents of 159th and 169th street came together to wash vehicles in the community. As manager Danielle Dawson mentioned when interviewed about Maranatha’s Spring Fling, she and the other house managers had many wonderful summer plans for the individuals who live at the agency’s downstate homes.

While the car wash was a great way for everyone to cool down on the sunny July day, it also provided the individuals with some welcomed spending money. According to a recent survey, only 17.9 percent of those in the IDD have employment. That’s a huge drop from where it was in 2014 when a Gallup pole showed that 34 percent of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities are employed.

There are many reasons why those with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities have a hard time finding employment. Some include:

  • Employers and coworkers who don’t respect those with intellectual or physical challenges
  • Unaccommodating work environments
  • Unstable labor market
  • Discrimination

While some Maranatha individuals have jobs (check out our story about Melvin who works in Manhattan), it’s still important for the agency to be supportive to those who’d like to bring in additional income.

Along with a car wash, the agency had a cookout. It was a little bit of work and a whole lot of fun.

Do you think these Maranatha car washes shoudl be a regular occurance? Let us know.

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