April Birthdays

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Don’t forget to wish these staff members happy birthday before their birthday month ends!

Jamar A Ashe                                     April 2

Isabella C Bottiglieri                         April 2

Shanette Bowes                               April 2

Kendel L Singleton                           April 4

Adewale Olakunie                           April 4

Christina Denise                               April 6

Keyana MCCullers                            April 6

Patricia Ramsey-Reddick              April 10

Azure E Reustle                                 April 11

William Anderson                            April 13

Melinda  Denise                               April 16

Thompson Lucas                               April 20

Michael Fagbemi                              April 21

Frances Abigail Brown                    April 21

Sheila Jordan                                     April 24

Richard Rodriguez                            April 24

Tiara M Johnson                               April 24

Al Coley                                             April 26

Aidatou Ayeva                           April 26

Leave birthday wishes in the comment section or on our Facebook page.

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